Embroidery at Lizard Clothing

After placing your order simply email your logo to us quoting your order number from the order acknowledgement. If you have previously ordered the same logo from us you can just advise us of the ZZ number or your previous order number, our sales team will do the rest.

All our embroidery is available for a fixed price subject to whether you want a text embroidery, logo embroidery or a large embroidery.

We currently offer two types of delivery speed, standard (usually around 10 working days) and an express 3 day option (usually 3 working days). If you have a very specific deadline please let us know with your order and we will confirm that we can meet the deadline for you.

We offer free embroidery setup and no embroidery minimums so whether you are ordering an embroidered polo shirt, embroidered hoody or an embroidered fleece we can get the logo setup for you for free.

We also have no minimum order price for embroidery, meaning that you can bulk order now and place mop up orders for more embroidered uniform / teamwear as new people arrive, or order one embroidered clothing item now to see how it looks.

Simply add your embroidery numbers from the embroidery section on the website and if your order isn’t all having the same embroidered logo then you can note your requirements against each line in the basket as you place your order. If we have completed your logo before then please quote the ZZ embroidery part number, we can then use the same logo again. If the logo needs to be changed at all a new ZZ will be created.

We will send you a computer generated proof of any new designs. If colours are a critical part of your brand then we suggest paying for a sample to be sewn and posted as individual screen colours vary, and the computer generated design colours are indicative only.

Text Embroidery

Embroidered text is ideal for embroidered initials or names, or even embroidered company names and embroidered tour details if you are trying to make a keepsake.

Free embroidery setup for this option, any of our stock fonts (Charles Script, Future, Helvetica or Timer Roman fonts) and we include upto 3 lines and up to 3 embroidered colours. Here is a maximum of 50 characters for this price point and the whole embroidered text logo must fit within a 15cm circle.

Logo Embroidery

With this embroidery option there is free embroidery setup and no minimum order, with an option of up to 15 colours in the design. We create your design (subject to embroidery process limitations) and colour match as best we can. The embroidery must fit within a 15cm circle and be less than 20,000 stitches in total.

After placing your order email your embroidery requirements to our sales@ address including your order number from the confirmation email. If you want extra embroidery options add them from the branding section and enter your requirements into the text box. Individual names on each item attract a surcharge, see the embroidered text section for details.

Large Embroidery

This is for embroideries that are too big for the 15cm circle and can be upto 22cm square. The stich count can be upto 40,000 stitches in total and we will work with you to get the biggest embroidery size we can for this price point. This option can be large text embroidery or your own design, subject to embroidery process limitations we create your design, match the embroidery colour as best we can. Larger designs can be completed, but those over 40,000 stitches are quoted per item.

Embroidery Limitations

Embroidered Text Size:

As a general rule embroidery text should always be at least 7mm in height, and smaller embroidered text needs to be in upper case. On some garments or solid fill areas slightly smaller text is achievable This is because we are using embroidery threat that is approximately ½mm thick. Our embroidery designers will assist in getting the right size text for you.

Embroidered fine lines and detail:

Embroidery thread is around 1/2 mm thick, this means that we cannot reproduce really fine detail. We can use running and detailing stitches to recreate some of this and it will show as a dashed or dotted embroidery line. If the clothing material is light or stretchy this can further complicate matters for fine detail. Our embroidery designers can assist in work-arounds and acceptable simplification processes.

How will garment fabric affect my embroidered design?

Lightweight and stretchy fabrics may lend themselves to slight variations in letter heights and widths and variations between each item. This is commonplace amongst embroidered garments and we use our expert embroidery designers to design out as much as we can. Still some fabrics will have a small degree of puckering and pulling where the item has been sewn and often a circular ring is evident prior to the first wash from the embroidery process. This is normal and the ring will wash away.

On fleece and other plush fabrics we often use a clear, water soluble, film to assist in achieving the best possible embroidery result. Sometimes the film remains in hard to clear places until the first wash, again this is industry standard and shouldn’t cause alarm.

Embroidery of shading, gradients and colour fading

Shading is easier in print by mixing colour. With embroidery the thread colours are solid and as such it is difficult or impossible to achieve gradient or shading. Our expert embroidery designers will assist in finding a suitable work around for you.