Loyalty reward points scheme at Lizard Clothing

Lizard Workwear & Safety Trading as Lizard Clothing Loyalty Points Scheme

Loyalty Reward Points

  1. By participating in the Loyalty Points Scheme you are confirming that you accept these Terms and that you agree to comply with them.
  2. These Terms along with Lizard Clothing privacy policy shall govern the Loyalty Points Scheme.
  3. We reserve the right to vary or amend these terms and conditions from time to time for legal, regulatory, business or policy reasons provided that we shall provide you with reasonable notice of such changes. In the event that you continue to participate in the Loyalty Points Scheme following any such changes (either by accruing or redeeming Points) you shall be deemed to have accepted the varied or amended Terms.
  1. Customers of the Loyalty Points Scheme must:
  • be a registered online customer of the Lizard Clothing website
  • be resident in the United Kingdom; and
  • be aged 18 years or over.
  1. Lizard Clothing accepts no liability or responsibility for any loss of Points that results from incorrect information provided by Customers.
  2. Lizard Clothing reserves the right to refuse to issue, withdraw or cancel any Customer's Loyalty Points Scheme Membership (and cancel any Points on such Customer's account) in the event that there is (or Lizard Clothing reasonably believes there to be):
  • any breach or attempted breach of these Terms by the Customer and/or any of its employees;
  • any abusive, aggressive or otherwise offensive behaviour by the Customer and/or any of its employees towards Lizard Clothing or its employees;
  • any theft or fraud (or attempted theft or fraud) including supplying misleading or false information in relation to any Loyalty Points Scheme application perpetrated by the Customer and/or any of its employees;
  1. Lizard Clothing may terminate any Customer's Loyalty Points Scheme Membership where the relevant Customer does not use its Loyalty Points Scheme account for a period of 1 year or more.
  2. Customers may terminate their Membership of the Loyalty Points Scheme at any time by calling our Customer Services department. Upon termination of your Membership, Lizard Clothing shall close such Customer's account and cancel any Points accrued on such account at the point of termination.
  1. Customers can only accrue points with online purchases, under no circumstances will points be accrued for purchases away from the Lizard Clothing Website.
  2. Points are available on all purchases made from Lizard Clothing, the rate of points earned for each item are clearly marked.
  3. Points will be calculated as 1 point for every pound spent ordinarily. From time to time and on certain products alternative point values may be provided, this will be clearly marked on the website.
  4. Points will be credited to Customers' accounts at the time of the transaction being made within the website
  1. Points may only be redeemed by Customers in Lizard Clothing website by selecting the total points as a discount option within the checkout.
  2. The standard conversion rate is 1 point = £0.01p (GB Sterling).
  3. Special offer products can occasionally be purchased by redeeming the exact number of points quoted for that product.
  4. Points must be redeemed or exchanged within 6 months from the date of their accrual, after this time they are lost.
  5. Any payments for goods made using redeemed Points will not be eligible to accrue further Points.
  6. Points cannot be redeemed against anything other than online purchases.
  7. If a Customer holds a credit account and that account has been suspended for whatever reason points cannot be redeemed until the suspension has been removed. Any points standing to the Customer's account that by virtue of this clause are not redeemed or exchanged within the 6 months referred to in 4.4. shall be deleted from the Customer's account.
  8. Lizard Clothing shall be entitled to deduct Points from a Customer's Loyalty Points Scheme account where:
  • Points are allocated to a Customer's Loyalty Points Scheme account in breach of these Terms, or in error;
  • any Points have not been redeemed within 6 months in accordance with clause 4.4.;
  1. Where products comprised within an order are returned for a full or partial refund the following shall apply:-
  • Where the goods have been purchased by way of redeemed points the number of points equivalent to the value of the refund shall be credited to the Customer's Loyalty Points Scheme Account.
  • Where goods have been purchased via cash or card and points, Lizard Clothing shall be entitled to credit the amount of refund to the cash or card in priority to crediting the Customer's Loyalty Points Scheme Account with the amount of refund in points.
  • Where goods have been purchased by way of cash or card the number of points that will be deducted from the Customer's Loyalty Points Scheme Account will be calculated by reference to the number of points the Customer would have been entitled to on the value of the original spend on transaction after such refund has been processed.
  • Under no circumstances are points redeemable for cash or credit (other than through the website ordering process).