Stock Indicators Explained

Our stock indicators explained

Our stock levels are updated daily on the website server. The stock indicator is a guide to when you can expect that item to be ready to leave. If you have a specific need or request give the sales team a call on 01792 31 32 33 or use the chat function for a live-time stock check (internally or via external warehouses/direct with suppliers). We send out our deliveries together in one batch, unless there is an extended delay. The item with the longest availability time indicates the processing speed.

To keep our promise of minimising costs to our customers we hold a small stock in our Swansea depot and rely then on our wider network of stock and suppliers stock to fulfil orders. We have deliveries daily and look to ship anything in stock and ordered before 1400 hours that same day.

All our stock indicators are for guidance only, the stock figures are updated daily and orders are taken through several different methods. The quickest way of securing stock is via this website (your order ring-fences the available stock as it is received) but the sales team can advise/support if there are any particular needs.

In Stock

In stock with a green tick means that the item is in stock at our Swansea Depot. If ordered before 1400 that day then the item should be shipped.

2 Days

An amber tick with 2 days means that we do not have unsold stock in Swansea but this stock is available to us and can be shipped out - usually the next day. Sometimes we need to bring stock in from a supplier so it can take 2-3 days to ship. If you have a specific need to meet a deadline please contact the sales team to advise.

Coming Soon

A red cross with 'Coming Soon' means we do not have free stock locally and we do not have a known delivery date for that item. You can still order these and we wil advise when they are due within a day or so; alternatively contact the sales team on email, call 01792 31 32 33 or via the chat function and they can advise when items are due in. Often this can be the next day as several brands are unable to provide us with overnight stock figures.